The King of Kings
Mofac Animation
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Production Team


Seong Ho Jang

Director and co-writer Seong-ho “Jay” Jang is one of the most respected filmmakers in Korea and an unparalleled pioneer in the visual effects realm. Entering the industry as a storyboard artist for feature films before transitioning to VFX, Jang has been responsible for much of the VFX in Korean films, setting new benchmarks and pushing boundaries in quality media content since 1995. His 100+ credits across the past three decades include Grand Bell Awards Best Film honoree Joint Security Area, Starz’s popular Spartacus television series, Cannes Film Festival entry The Taste of Money, the Clive Owen/Morgan Freeman starrer Last Knights, and the fantasy adventure comedy sequel Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back, which shattered several Chinese opening weekend box office records. The King of Kings is Jang’s most deeply personal project to date, a rich, vibrant and world-changing story that has allowed him to reach his peak of passionate filmmaking.

Woo Hyung Kim

A BAFTA award winning cinematographer, Woo Hyung Kim is recognized as a legend in the cinematography community – with a BAFTA Award for The Little Drummer Girl and numerous top trophies as evidence of his standing as the most respected cinematographer in South Korea. His more than two decades of experience, vision and ingenuity have elevated innumerable films, including The Taste of Money (2012) which was nominated for the a Palme d’Or at the 2013 Cannes film festival. Kim brings his exceptional talent from the live-action world of camera & lighting to the digital animation of The King of Kings to craft breathtaking visuals and a new look for the story of Christ that is uniquely fresh and traditional.
Music Composer

Tae Seong Kim

Tae-seong Kim is undoubtedly the most sought-after music composer in South Korea. He has composed music for over 50 films across his 15-year career, giving musical wings to small, independent films to large-budget blockbusters alike. Amongst his notable credits is Roaring Currents (2014), the all-time Korean box office record-breaking holder. Kim’s score for The King of Kings enhances the worlds of both Charles Dickens and Jesus Christ, further building on the profound emotional core to this universal story.

Rob Edwards

Entertainment veteran Rob Edwards has written and/or produced some of the most beloved films and TV series of the past quarter-century, including scripting a pair of classic Disney animated feature films: The Princess and the Frog, which earned both Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations, and the Oscar-nominated Treasure Planet. He also consulted on three additional Disney classics – Tangled, Wreck-It-Ralph and Frozen. His episodic contributions to popular television series range from In Living Color and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to A Different World and Full House. Edwards is as an adjunct professor of screenwriting at the School of Cinematic Arts at USC and the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, where he also serves on the SUMA Advisory Council. Edwards’ words have helped establish added personality to the characters of The King of Kings while bolstering an inspirational story the whole family can enjoy.

Anfernee Kim

Originally an editor who shifted career paths to the producing end of the industry, Anfernee Kim found his footing first producing TV commercials before joining the feature film game. His unquestioned expertise in producing visual effects has been one of the keys behind Mofac Inc.’s unparalleled rise to the top of the VFX realm in Asia, where he was responsible for the Chinese blockbuster Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back and, more recently, The Thousand Faces of Dunjia. Teaming with director Seong-ho Jang from the very humble beginnings of The King of Kings has represented a near-pinnacle of Kim’s career, allowing him to apply his dedicated, non-stop work ethic to ensure the highest quality production for a true passion project.
Executive Producer

Andrew Mann

Andrew Mann is a specialist in film financing known for his previous roles with Infinity Media Inc. (2000-2004) and Inferno Entertainment (2005-2010). During his Infinity tenure, Mann was responsible for the financial operations of the company and assisted in the financing, production and distribution activities for more than 40 feature films with combined budgets exceeding $400 million. Mann’s Inferno role ranged from budgeting, financial structuring, soft money management, withholding tax planning and production supervision to bank and completion bond financing – while the entertainment company produced numerous notable films headed by The Women, The Experiment and Hachiko.
Executive Producer/Casting Director/Voice Director

Jamie Thomason

As arguably the most prolific and acclaimed casting and dialogue director in the animation industry today, Jamie Thomason has guided an extensive array of literally thousands of actors – including hundreds of Academy Award, Emmy Award and Tony Award winners (even a few EGOTs) – through more than 100 films & TV movies and 3,000+ episodes of television in his illustrious career. His productions have garnered an impressive world wide gross revenue of over $6 billion. In addition, he created and built the casting department for Disney TV Animation & DisneyToon Studios in 1991. Thomason’s credits range from Miyazaki’s 2003 Academy Award-winning Spirited Away, Disney’s The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, the top-grossing video premiere of all-time ($465 million), and Disney’s The Return of Jafar ($300 million), universally recognized as the monumental first successful step in the industry-altering video premiere business, to TV offerings like the groundbreaking Disney’s Mickey MouseWorks, and the immensely popular Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles, The Spectacular Spider Man and Young Justice. He has consistently worked on innovative projects for cutting-edge producers and world-class entertainment companies such as Disney, Warner Bros., Amazon Studios, SONY, Netflix, Marvel, DC, MTV, FOX, Universal and HIT entertainment. His contributions to The King of Kings are unequivocal in terms of his recruitment and voice direction of award-winning A-list recognized across the planet.