The King of Kings
Mofac Animation
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Renowned storyteller Charles Dickens finds it challenging to bond with his imaginative son, Walter, amidst his busy career. After Walter disrupts one of Dickens’ readings, Dickens decides to share the story of Jesus Christ with him, hoping to bridge the gap between them. As Dickens narrates the story, Walter becomes captivated, experiencing the events of Jesus’ life vividly Through the journey of Jesus, Walter and Dickens’ ‘relationship deepens, culminating in a bond of love forged through storytelling.

Our Cast


Oscar Issac

Oscar Isaac brings the beloved figure of Jesus to life in a heartwarming animation, imbuing the character with gentle warmth and compassion. With his soothing voice and expressive delivery, Isaac’s portrayal captures the essence of Jesus’ teachings, presenting them in a way that is accessible and engaging for young audiences.

Charles Dickens

Kenneth Branagh

Kenneth Branagh’s portrayal of Charles Dickens brings to life a character brimming with warmth and love, despite his occasional clumsiness. With endearing charm, Branagh captures Dickens’ tender interactions with his son and using his world-renowned story telling skills, he brings the world of Jesus to his youngest son Walter.

Catherine Dickens

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman shines as Catherine Dickens, radiating warmth and wisdom in her portrayal. With grace, she embodies Catherine’s unwavering love and quiet strength, offering sage advice and understanding to her iconic husband, Charles. Thurman’s performance captures the essence of a woman whose love and wisdom sets the stage for Charles embark on telling this epic story.

Caiaphas (High Priest)

Ben Kingsley

Ben Kingsley lends his formidable talent to the role of Caiaphas, the high priest and primary antagonist of Jesus. Kingsley embodies the cunning and authoritarian nature of Caiaphas, portraying him as a formidable adversary to Jesus.


Forest Whitaker

Forest Whitaker breathes life into Peter from the Bible in this first of family friendly animation about the life of Jesus. With his iconic deep husky voice, Whitaker perfectly draws out Peter’s faith that touches us all on an emotional level.

Pontius Pilate

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan lends his talent to play the voice of Pontius Pilate from the Bible with captivating depth. With his commanding voice and nuanced delivery, Brosnan brings to life the conflicted character of Pilate to this animation.

Walter Dickens

Roman Griffin Davis

Throughout this animation, Roman Griffin Davis brings the character of Walter, Charles Dickens’ youngest son, to life with youthful innocence and wonder. As Charles Dickens takes the young Walter to the world of Jesus, Davis captures the child’s wide-eyed fascination and genuine curiosity. With his endearing charm, Davis portrays Walter as a beacon of innocence and openness, eagerly absorbing his father’s story with rapt attention.

King Herod

Mark Hamill

Being the veteran voice over actor he is, Mark Hamill skillfully brings out the greedy and intense personality of King Herod. With his dramatic flair, Hamill captures the essence of Herod’s power-hungry and deceitful nature and brings to life this iconic biblical figure in this animation.


Seong Ho Jang

Seong-Ho(Jay) is a leading expert in VFX and film-making in Korea. Jay started off storyboarding feature films in his early twenties and later was recognized as a pioneer for introducing VFX to South Korean films.

Woo Hyung Kim

A BAFTA award winning cinematographer, Woo-hyung is recognized as a legend among Korean cinematographers. He is undoubtedly the most respected cinematographer in South Korea, with over two decades of film experience.